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TBD Composites
TBD Composites

In cooperation with TBD Composites, Videnzo created a unique product. The combination of TBD Composites expertise and the demand of the marketplace resulted in the Videnzo horsebox. TBD Composites is a high-tech development and knowledge organization, focussing on the application of lightweight composite materials. TBD Composites aims to provide affordable solutions of the highest quality. Due the specific expertise of the business owners, Videnzo can be introduced as: ‘The first lightweight horsebox suitable for transporting two horses’.

Composite Technology
Composite Technology

The Videnzo horsebox was originated through knowledge, development and science regarding composite technology. The most common problem concerning this type of horsebox refers to the legal transportation of two horses. Mainly all available horseboxes, suitable for two horses, are way too heavy to safely transport two horses.
So transporting two horses may result in unsafe and illegal situations. Overloading can be detected very easily and drivers can count on high fines. Beyond that the insurance expires at overloading. Till now there hasn’t been an alternative for transporting two horses in a horsebox with a standard driving license.

Brand story
Brand story

The Videnzo horsebox offers ultimate comfort, both behind the wheel and for the horses. Our vehicle is so intuitively constructed that you can legally carry two horses without exceeding the weight limit. An intelligent product to transport an intelligent animal. All imperfections are eliminated by hand sanding down the mold. We instil the same passion and precision into the innovative strength of our product. Just as with horses, the greatest results come from continuous development. We let the horse inspire us; she is our muse. Elegance and power combined. VIDENZO. MOVED BY INTELLIGENCE


Innovation is the main focus

Lightweight materials

The Videnzo horsebox is made of lightweight fibreglass composite in the majority of its construction.

Maximum weight

Transport two horses without exceeding the weight limit. The lightweight materials increase the load limit to a maximum of 1500 kilograms.

Chemical resistance

The fibreglass composite is resistant to chemicals and oxidation. Wood will rot and steel will rust, but the Videnzo horsebox remains strong throughout its lifetime.

Build like an airplane

The Videnzo horsebox is built using the same software used to create airplanes.

Low maintenance

The Videnzo horsebox requires little maintenance due to the durable and sustainable nature of fibreglass composite.

Patented system

The composite technique is patented by the makers of the Videnzo Horsebox: TBD Composites.

Kevlar walls

Both driver and passengers are well protected by utilising Kevlar, a material trusted to make bulletproof vests, for the partition between the cabine and the loading area.

High-tech lighting

Turn heads with the Videnzo horsebox just by applying the breaks or turning on the flasher. Beyond that Videnzo provides you with 27% CO2 reduction, no insurance issues and no risk of traffic violations for overloading.


(Designed and manufactured by TBD Composites B.V.)

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